After over fifty one years, God allowed that my sister and I meet!

Two years ago, I visited HMV in search for my birth certificate which I suddenly had need for. (My adoptive parents lovingly revealed to me, from the very start, that I was chosen from the Heart of Mary Villa in Malabon after they themselves could not have a child.) That was when I learned for the first time, that I had a sister almost a year older than me. I was told we were both left there by our mother at the ages of six and seventeen months and were sent to our “forever homes” on the same day after only a month in HMV. Needless to say, I was filled with positive emotions upon realizing that our mother nurtured us before apparently having to leave both of us with the nuns. I felt she had a very good reason in doing so and I believed that with much prayer she made the best choice and had our interests in mind and heart when she went to HMV in 1959.

Though prodded by friends to search for her, in my heart I knew I’d find her “if and when God wills it”. I did not know where to begin my search so, whenever I would remember, I would pray especially to Mama Mary for our biological father and mother “wherever they are”.

A few months ago, I was surprised to learn from my daughter that “someone met someone who could be my sister”! A close friend and neighbor of ours met my sister for the first time and could not help telling her that she reminded me of her – our height, built, color, mannerisms. Needless to say, I asked my friend to give her all my contact details should she feel she is ready to meet me. When this did not happen in nine days, I was prodded to actively search for her by asking people who I thought may know her (now that I knew her married name and her address). It was Divine Providence when a priest friend responded and said he had just met my sister and her husband. That made it possible for us to all meet for dinner within two days, with joy and tears.

The 4.5 hours over dinner had us both comparing body parts! The night before, we both frantically searched and brought our documents to share with one another. The first question I asked my sister was, “how were you raised?” She amiably narrated how her Dad used to drive for her. I immediately shared that my Daddy would also drive for me all those growing up years – even to the drugstore before I was due to give birth in the hospital. Our adoptive parents loved us like their own and much more. We were blessed. We agreed that the Good Shepherd nuns, along with our mothers, must have prayed hard for us all this time!

Through the next weeks and months, our families met each other and all agree how alike we are. We share common interests and values even if we were raised separately. It is amusing to note that our children resemble each other! What was a surprise was how we practically moved around the same circles all these years but never got together. I joke “Ate” that God must have decided that it was time to meet NOW because any delay would mean more wrinkles for us both and therefore quite difficult for others to see the semblance anymore! God has brought us together in HIS perfect time. It is an understatement to say “it feels good to have FAMILY”, more family, at this late age. Mama Mary has been watching over us all these years. God bless our mother – should I say, mothers and fathers…and the HMV nuns who continue to pray for all their babies up until now.